It was the year 1994 when I first landed my dream job. I was cast as the young 7-year-old Greta in the school play “The Sound of Music’. The rehearsal process was long however something about it excited me to my very core. The performances were scary yet something about it made me feel right at home. When the final curtain was called on that run, I remember running off stage into my mother’s arms and telling her that one day when I’m grownup, I want to be an actress.

2005 came and without a doubt I decided to study performing Arts. Excited and ambitious I embarked on the journey of a drama major. I Realised the longer I studied the more I realized that my idea of being an actress was distorted by what I chose to see on television. Further to this I realized that performing arts is not just gilts, glamour and limelight; it’s all hard work and perseverance. I persevered and by 2011 I had qualified with three Performing Arts Qualifications from Trinity College London.

It’s then that life began; I was a qualified performer and drama teacher with no clue on what I should do. It is then that my Mentor Margot Wood took me in to her Theatre Company and I started working as a performer, teacher and stage manager. From that point many other projects came my way and I was acting in plays such as the Fugard Festival Award winning “People are living There”, “Cantos Reborn”, “Al Grande De Coco Cola” and many more. During this process I developed a love for not just on-stage but off-stage work as I started production managing and producing work for my own Theatre company called “Torah Theatre Productions”. This is also where my passion for training young actors developed as I became a lecturer at the very College I trained at. I also started training young actors in various communities by means of one day or five-week workshops.

In 2014 I merged into film as I booked commercial roles as well as movies. Again I found myself dawdling to behind-the-camera work as I had the opportunity to become a Production Coordinator and Cast Coordinator in the Film Industry. By 2016 my Career started to merge, and it was as if all creative forces were with me and for me. At this stage I would literally bounce from one project to the next always fulfilling a different role.

In 2019 I discovered Theatre for individuals on the spectrum. as I joined Storywood theatre productions in creating and immersive production for those on the spectrum. We continued with a 66-show outreach program and every show changed my life completely, as I continue to specialize in this form of Theatre. I have come to realize that I am not just an actor but an Arts Practitioner. The arts is about creatively inducing new creative ways all the time. I fall in that bracket I want to create Arts and therefore I call myself a Arts practitioner.

 In addition to all of the above, I am a participant of the most important journey called Life. I believe that we all have authentic experiences daily and if we share it with the motive to enrich others we accomplish something powerful. Thus, since my website is filled with my most recent projects, I am always up to something. I am always telling a story, be it personal or professional, for I am an optimist and I hope that my story is empowering anyone because knowledge is power.